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Global Market Thoughts (GMT)

This is a Test - First EVER Blog : 6/Dec/2012


Short Term plays (upto Q1-13)





1. Bullish China Stocks - esp Infrastructure plays - like Cement (West China & Anhui Conch), and select Real Estate (Agile, Longfor)



2. Positive North Asia Currencies (China, Taiwan, Korea), and Malaysia (esp post elections)

Neutral INR at current levels



3. Think Indian Stocks overvalued - except Software Outsourcing group - TCS & Infosys



4. Sell US 10-year Notes .. Sell Zone 1.55% to 1.60% ... Target 2%



5. Bullish US Stocks - Buy the US consumption upswing story - Housing, Lowe's & think Best Buy betaen down to very attractive entry levels


6. Core Premise - US politicians will reach last-minute agreement to avoid Fiscal Cliffhanger


7. Stay with BBB corporate bonds - on a leveraged basis (funding is still cheap) !


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